September 2017

Dear Fellow Alumni:

The fall semester of Harvard Law School's Bicentennial year has begun! As we prepare to kick off a year of special events to celebrate the extraordinary milestone of our Bicentennial, I invite you to take a moment to review some of the programs we've been working on for you over the summer.

HLS in the ArtsOver the course of the year, special programs and events will focus on our history, our future, and the vital importance of law and the legal profession in addressing the complex challenges facing our world. Three landmark events - a September arts festival (kicking off September 15), "HLS in the Arts"; an October summit for exploring big ideas, "HLS in the World"; and an April event showcasing some of our contributions to local and global communities, "HLS in the Community" - offer wonderful opportunities to highlight 200 years of leadership, talent in its many forms, and service, and to imagine our next century.

OYOOn September 23, Professor Matthew Stephenson '03 will be speaking at a conference entitled - Populist Plutocrats: Lessons From Around the World - All alumni are invited to attend the one-day conference, co-sponsored by Harvard Law School and the Stigler Center, that focuses on an "important and dangerous political phenomenon: the "populist plutocrat." The populist plutocrat is a leader who exploits the cultural and economic grievances of poorer, less-educated voters against traditional elites in order to achieve and retain power, but who, once in office, seem substantially or primarily interested in enriching him- or herself, along with a relatively small circle of family members, cronies, and allies." Register today!

HLXI am very excited to announce that registration for the HLX Open Lecture Series fall lineup is open!

Please register today to join the September 28 HLX Open Lecture as Professor Jim Greiner, Faculty Director of the HLS Access to Justice Lab, presents - Do Court and Legal Services Programs Work: How Would we Know? In this talk Professor Greiner will discuss court and legal services programs and their effectiveness. The work being done at the Access to Justice Lab will also be highlighted.

Coming up on October 3, we have the pleasure of hearing from Professor Naz K. Modirzadeh '02 as she discusses - Indefinite War: Unsettled International Law on the End of Armed Conflict. RSVP Today!

IBAAs has become an annual tradition, the HLSA of Europe is co-sponsoring an alumni breakfast in Sydney, Australia on October 11. Don't miss the chance to connect with other HLS alumni who are participating in the 2017 International Bar Association Annual Conference. Please RSVP by October 6.

Save the Date - Harvard Law School’s celebration of the 65th anniversary of our first women graduates, C65, will be held on campus - September 14-16, 2018. We are seeking alumnae volunteers to serve on C65 organizing committees. If you are interested in getting involved, please sign-up today.

Harvard Law School Association's Recent Graduate Network (RGN) is looking to revitalize its programming, leadership, and membership. We hope that through this brief survey, we'll be able to gauge the needs of our recent graduates (up to 10 years out) so that we can best serve you and provide you with an opportunity to be a part of a unique group of HLS alumni! If you are a recent graduate, please click here to take this survey by October 13th.

If you are an HLS Entrepreneur, we want to hear from you. The Harvard Law School Association Entrepreneurs Network is building its membership to create a stronger network and increased number of programs for 2018. If you'd like to volunteer or simply stay connected with fellow alumni on a similar career path, please let us know.

For more events being organized by the HLSA Clubs and Shared Interest Groups, I encourage you to visit the Alumni Portal and our Global Events Calendar.

FacebookAdditionally, to assist with connecting alumni online, I encourage you to join our secure HLS Alumni Facebook group. The Facebook group is exclusive to HLS Alumni and Students. All requests to join are reviewed and approved pending verification.

I invite you to be actively involved with your local Club and any SIG and to stay connected by visiting the HLS Alumni Portal, joining our Facebook group, and by joining the Harvard Law School Alumni LinkedIn group. Volunteering to help with the HLSA will be a rewarding experience, and if you are interested in getting involved, or want to provide feedback on our activities, please email us at hlsa@law.harvard.edu.

I look forward to the year ahead and encourage all alumni to stay connected through HLSA-supported programs and events.

With warmest regards,

Peter C. Krause Signature

Peter C. Krause '74
Harvard Law School Association