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Logo/Trademark Guidelines

Policies set forth by the University in regard to how Harvard trademarks may be used


 In August 2021, Dean John F. Manning ’85 announced a new Harvard Law School shield, which was researched and developed over the past year by a working group of faculty, students, alumni, and staff led by Professor Annette Gordon-Reed ’84. The new design features Harvard’s traditional motto, veritas (Latin for truth) across the top, resting above the Latin phrase lex et iustitia, or law and justice.

To read the Working Group report, take a closer look at the new shield design, and peruse reflections from members of the Working Group and the HLS community, please visit the Harvard Law School website

Harvard Name and Trademark Guidelines

Harvard University is increasingly concerned about the ways its name and symbols (or trademarks, such as “Harvard” and the “VERITAS shield”) are being used by third parties. The Trademark Program is responsible for protecting the University’s trademarks around the world and for licensing their use by third parties. The University’s ability to both protect and control the use of its trademarks by others is enhanced because we have obtained, and are continuing to obtain, legal protection for many of Harvard’s trademarks worldwide. To the extent that the University can unify the ways its trademarks are used, the better its chances of being able to stop unauthorized third parties from using the Harvard trademarks in objectionable ways and in ways which jeopardize the University’s reputation. Harvard Law School Association (HLSA) Clubs and Shared Interest Groups (SIGs) can help with this effort by notifying the Trademark Program whenever its members become aware of any unauthorized uses of the Harvard name.

Since HLSA Clubs and SIGs are part of the Harvard University community, it is important that they adhere to policies set forth by the University in regard to how Harvard trademarks may be used. HLSA Clubs and SIGs, like all other Harvard University units, need to comply with policies set forth in the “Policy on the Use of Harvard Names and Insignias” located on the Harvard Trademark Program's webpage: http://www.trademark.harvard.edu.

Any use of the Harvard Law School name, shield, logo, or trademark requires advance, written permission from HLS and/or the University Trademark Program. In addition to what is set forth in the Provost’s policy, the following rules apply to all HLSA Clubs and SIGs:

  1. All HLSA Clubs and SIGs recognize that Harvard's various trademarks, including but not limited to “Harvard”, "Harvard University", the “VERITAS shield”, “Harvard Law School”, the “Harvard Law School shield”, “Harvard Club”, “Harvard Law School Club”, “Harvard Law School Association”, “HLSA Club”, “HLSA SIG”, “Harvard Law Society”, and “Harvard Law Club” names and all other University trademarks (names, shields, and logos) are the sole property of the President and Fellows of Harvard College and are used by permission of the University. All HLSA Clubs and SIGs further recognize that any marks authorized by Harvard University to be used by the Harvard Law School Clubs or HLSA SIGs are used with written permission of and under license from the University.

  2. HLSA Clubs and SIGs may not alter the Harvard “VERITAS shield”, “Harvard Law School shield”, “HLSA logo”, or “Harvard Law School logo (aka HLS Name or HLS wordmark)” in any way. HLS Clubs and SIGs may not create their own custom logos. A standardized logo or wordmark will be provided to each HLSA Club or SIG by the Harvard Law School Association, which may not be altered in any way.

  3. Except where special permission has been granted, all HLSA Clubs and SIGs understand that they may only use the following names and shields: “Harvard Law School Club,” “HLSA Club”, “HLSA SIG”, “Harvard Law School Association”, “HLS Association”, “Harvard Law Society”, “Harvard Law Club”, "HLSA Logo", “Harvard Law School shield”, and “VERITAS shield”.

  4. HLSA Clubs and SIGs are authorized to use (a) Harvard Law School as part of their name, and (b) the Harvard Law School shield, along with their name (hereinafter, the "Authorized Marks"), provided that they conform to the following naming conventions:

    1. HLSA Club (or SIG) of...

    2. Harvard Law Society of ...

    3. Harvard Law School Club of ...

    4.  Harvard Law School Association of...

  5.  HLSA Clubs and SIGs activities should always be described as being undertaken by the "Harvard Law School Club/Association (SIG) of ___" and not by "Harvard Law School", "Harvard", or "Harvard University".

  6. The Authorized Marks may only be used to identify the Club or SIG on the Club or SIG's official websites, signage, letterhead, business cards, and on some products (as defined below). Permission must be obtained from the Harvard Trademark Program in order to use these marks for any purpose other than noted above or in order to use any University trademark other than those noted above.

  7. HLSA Clubs and SIGs may create certain kinds of typical insignia items (such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, pens, etc.) bearing the Authorized Marks to be distributed based on the following guidelines:

    1. HLSA Clubs and SIGs may sell insignia items bearing the Authorized Marks only to their members.

    2. HLSA Clubs and SIGs may give away insignia items bearing the Authorized Marks to their members or to donors.

    3. HLSA Clubs and SIGs may not sell any items bearing any of the University's trademarks, including the Authorized Marks to the general public.

    4. The Authorized Marks may not be used in conjunction with any other entity's marks or brands, including those of donors or sponsors (no "co-branding").

  8. Permission must first be obtained in writing from the Trademark Program to use the Authorized Marks for any purpose other than those permitted under these guidelines, or to use any of Harvard's trademarks other than the Authorized Marks. In cases where an HLSA Club or SIG feels it has a situation that should be considered an exception to any of the above rules, please contact one of the following: Harvard Law School Alumni Relations at hlsa@law.harvard.edu, or the Trademark Program at trademark_program@harvard.edu.

  9. Registration of any of Harvard's trademarks anywhere in the world, including, "HLSA Club (or SIG) of, Harvard Law Society of, Harvard Law School Club of, and Harvard Law School Association of, etc., can only be done with the prior written permission of the Trademark Program in consultation with Harvard's local trademark counsel. Any such registration, if approved must be owned by and registered to the President and Fellows of Harvard College...".

Using the Harvard Law School Name & Logo
If a Club or SIG wishes to use the HLS name, sheild, logo as part of the Club's/SIG's identification, advance permission must be provided by HLS Alumni Relations - hlsa@law.harvard.edu