Hi Club/SIG Presidents,

During this unprecedented time, we are all having to rethink how we live, work, and engage with others. All of us on the HLS Alumni Relations team want to share our thanks for everyone’s patience and understanding as we continue to evolve our efforts with the ever-changing landscape. We greatly appreciate your continued support of HLS and your eagerness to engage our vibrant community.

On the March 13th Presidents’ call, we began a dialogue on resources that Club/SIGs can use to engage your cohorts virtually. Below is a list of online platforms that can assist in your efforts:

Google Suite

  • Every HLSA Club/SIG has access to the Google Suite of Applications, which includes:
    • Google Docs – for online document sharing
    • Google Meet -  free online video or voice calls that can be used for groups of up to 100 people. It can be used on the computer, Android, iOS devices. Additionally, through July 1, 2020 Google is allowing up to 250 people join calls. 
  • Please reach out to HLSA@law.harvard.edu, if you need access/reset your Google password.
  • Click here for a quick start guide on creating and hosting your own Google Meet for HLSA activities.


  • Telecommunication platform
  • See here for additional details on pricing and capabilities
  • Click here for a quick start guide on creating and hosting your own Zoom meeting for HLSA activities.  

Utilize your current social media channels  

  • Promote timely conversations on your social media channels to encourage a sense of community
  • Share an Club/SIG posts on HLSA social media account to grow visibility:

The Alumni Relations Office has also created a new communication tool for all Club/SIG Presidents, a “Presidents Forum” on alumni.law.harvard.edu. This Forum is a private discussion board where all Presidents can share their questions, best practices, and thoughts.  Please log into the website with your HarvardKey and then use the direct link to the Forum:


**Please note, HarvardKey is required for access to the Forum. If you need to claim or reset your HarvardKey, please email alumrec@law.harvard.edu.

Lastly, for any Club/SIG that wishes to host a virtual event we ask that you share those details with the Alumni Relations Office. The staff will be happy to assist in publishing your event on your respective webpages and the HLSA Global Calendar. Your events presence on the Global Calendar can assist in brining awareness of your community to a larger audience. Please, reach out to me directly (mflint@law.harvard.edu) regarding publishing your events on the HLSA website.

As a reminder, while the physical HLS Offices are closed, your Alumni Relations team continues to be a resource for you – please reach out with any questions or thoughts on virtual programming. At this time, we cannot provide additional funding for these services, though Club/SIGs can use their existing funds for these platforms. Training videos and/or instructions will be made available for the above mention third-party platforms and will be available on the Presidents Forum.

Be well –

Meagan & The HLS Alumni Relations Team