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Working with Lawyers in Business, Government,
and Society to Manage the Challenges of COVID-19

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Wednesday, June 3, 2020
10:00 am EDT/4:00 pm CAT


Opening Remarks:
The Honorable Eric Holder
82nd Attorney General of the United States


Professor David B. Wilkins '80

Lester Kissel Professor of Law
Vice Dean for Global Initiatives on the Legal Profession
and Faculty Director, Center on the Legal Profession, Harvard Law School


Law and Crisis Management


10:00AM - 12:00PM Wed 3 Jun 2020 ( Timezone: Eastern )

Virtual Event Instructions:

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Drawing on insights from leading lawyers across Africa, this webinar focuses on how the law connects businesses, governments, and societies. Understanding Africa through this lens provides a unique perspective on Africa’s short, medium, and long-term response and strategy.


In a time of legal uncertainty, this webinar also explores some of the substantive questions facing legal practitioners, as well as the developmental and social challenges the pandemic presents for African societies.

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Crisis Management for African Business Leaders is a webinar series produced by in partnership with Faculty of Harvard University.

The views expressed during the webinar are solely those of the speakers or participants and are not views of Harvard Law School or Harvard University.