Welcome to the newest HLSA Executive Committee members who joined
on July 1, 2023 for the 2023 – 2024 term.


  • Henrik Rossing Lønberg LL.M. ’01

    Henrik Rossing Lønberg LL.M. ’01
    Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Andrés W. López ’95

    Andrés W. López ’95
    San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Hon. Virna L. Santos ’90*

    Hon. Virna L. Santos ’90 
    Fresno, California

  • Michaele N. Turnage Young ’06

    Michaele N. Turnage Young ’06
    Washington, District of Columbia

Thank you to the HLSA Executive Committee & Senior Advisory Council members whose service came to an end June 30, 2023. Your leadership and expertise have been integral to the HLSA community.

HLSA Executive Committee

Daniel Eaton ’98     Karim Kobeissi LL.M. ’00


HLSA Senior Advisory Council

James E. Bowers ’70     Guido Brosio LL.M. ’69     David Kessler ’09


Visit here for the full list of the 2023 – 2024 HLSA Executive Committee
& Senior Advisory Council members.