Harvard Law School Association

Club and Shared Interest Group (SIG)
Annual Certification 2022


The HLSA conducts an annual certification process for all Clubs and SIGs. The purpose of this process is to ensure that both the Club/SIG and HLSA have established the necessary contact and exchange of information to partner in the coming academic year effectively. This is an annual review of the guidelines under which HLS and HLSA expect all Clubs and SIGs to operate.


The following must be completed:

  1. Review of the HLSA Club and SIG Operating Guidelines, HLSA Partnership Guidelines, and Harvard University and HLS Logo/Trademark Guidelines. These documents need to be electronically “approved” by the Club/SIG President on the Club/SIG Annual Certification Survey (#2 below).

  2. Completion of the HLSA Club/SIG Annual Certification for fiscal year 2021-2022.

  3. A copy of the Club or SIG's bylaws must be on file with the HLS Alumni Center Office, please send to hlsa@law.harvard.edu. Questions? Please email hlsa@law.harvard.edu.

If we do not receive your completed Certification by May 2, 2022, your Club/SIG will not be registered as an official HLSA Alumni Club this year and unable to receive HLSA Club/SIG services or funding. Your HLSA Club/SIG will be removed from any online listings (https://www.alumni.law.harvard.edu/clubs.html) and will not appear in future published materials. If you have questions or concerns about this policy, please contact hlsa@law.harvard.edu.

Annual Certification 2022
Submission Link

We have optional informational sessions should you wish to learn more about the Certification or have any questions for Alumni Relations Staff. Please view the slides from these sessions below.